Long recorded but too powerful for use previously, water atomic energy is heat-released from water hydrogen with Rocketjet IT Corp.'s  Water Atomic Engine, US Patent No. 7,685,973.
  It will  END  GLOBAL  WARMING and start a FREE  ENERGY  ERA with: 
  Free electricity from freshwater or seawater for fuel; Cars and trucks getting 1,000 mpg of water only that is condensed after use and recycled; Jet planes flying ultrahigh supersonically in space and subsonically in the atmosphere with only water for fuel; Ships and boats having unlimited range on flotation water for fuel; and much more.
  The basic Water Atomic Engine is small and round with a turbocam engine system.



For  A  Better  World
Rocketjet, Inc.

Rocketjet IT Corp.
For A Better World

    Drive your car for  a year on a tank of freshwater or seawater.  Get free-energy heating, air conditioning, electricity and unlimited utilities for your home or business.  Drive your motor home  anywhere with only water for fuel. In a boat, yacht or ship, go global with flotation water for fuel.  In a jet plane, fly ultra-supersonically in space or anywhere in the atmosphere subsonically with only water for fuel.

All of this and unlimited other world-changing advancements are made possible by Rocketjet IT Corp. with on-demand use of its proprietary-secret IT Invention Computer System (ICS). This could be the best-ever investment.

Rocketjet IT Corp. is now doing business in Africa first with CREATIVE WAY AFRICA IT CORPORATION under the direction of Mr. Ssemakula Peter Luyima.

     Mr. Luyima can be reached at email: peter.luyima@gahcltd.com;
             Phone: +26876741962; P.O. Box 432, Lobamba, Swaziland

                        GOING PUBLIC

Rocketjet IT Corp. has been preparing registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to go public for selling stock.  Now that the Company is doing business in Africa first, it may delay and modify registration with the SEC.              

In the interim, it is advisable to dump all Energy Industry stock expeditiously before an energy-exist stampede begins. Also advisable is preparation to adjust investments to Rocketjet IT Corp.'s unlimited ICS-enabled world-changing advancements for exploitation with its Creative IT Business Model in the Free Energy Era.

Simply Stated Technology Of The Water Atomic Engine

Long-observed and well-recorded but unusably ultrahigh pressure of standard steam technology has not been utilized previously because it bursts boiler walls and pressure lines of conventional steam-power systems. Engineering guidelines for avoiding this ultrahigh pressure have been provided in steam tables of pressure per heat level. At 300 degrees F, steam pressure is 67 psi. At 705 degrees F, the top of the steam table with 3,208 psi, there is 47.88 times more pressure from only 2.35 times more heat.

In "Atomic Energy Generators" of the Water Atomic Engine, pressure of injections of spray-atomized water is 60,000 psi at 1,600 degrees F. This is heat- controllable pressure that is utilized for conversion to desired operating power of rotational and jet-thrust forms of the Water Atomic Engine. There is exponentially explosive pressure of 789 times the 76 psi at 300 degrees F from only 5.33 times more heat added incrementally.

This would be impossible creation of energy and perpetual motion in violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics if not accounted for by heat release of stored atomic energy by heat activation of the singular electrons of proton-nuclear hydrogen per heat level.

The Water Atomic Engine will operate between 600 degrees F and 1,600 degrees F for controllable output power.

The negligible electron attraction by the proton nuclei of hydrogen functions relatively like total absence of electron attraction of nuclei destroyed by atom splitting.

As is printed in most Physics and Mechanical Engineering Handbooks, a standard steam table of increasingly exponential pressure energy per heat energy describes heat-release of stored atomic energy by heat activation of hydrogen electrons.

Steam pressures per heat level for the standard steam table were generated under laboratory conditions by the former US Bureau Of Standards for engineering guidelines to avoid the ultrahigh atomic-energy pressure of steam technology. The laboratory conditions apparently did not reveal the exponentially greater pressure energy per incremental heat energy in a manner that it was recognized by Steam Engineers as release of stored atomic energy by heat-activation of the singular electrons in reaction to negligible electron attraction of the proton nuclei of hydrogen.

Standard steam technology has demonstrated and recorded free nonradioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy for more than 150 year without public acknowledgement by the Scientific Community.

Reasons for non-acknowledgement of this free energy by educational institutions, by governments and by the Scientific Community generally are discussed later in this document.

Basic Physics

Summarily, what is now acknowledged as heat-release of nonradioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy occurs from heat activation of the singular electrons of negligible-attraction proton-nuclear hydrogen of molecular water. Negligible attraction of electrons by proton nuclei of hydrogen that allows release of stored atomic energy by heat activation of electrons functions like but far less than from the release of stored atomic energy by heat activation of electrons that is allowed by total absence of electron attraction resulting from atom splitting.

Release of heat and pressure directly by atom splitting is separately additional to release of stored atomic energy by activation of electrons that are freed from electron attraction by the atom splitting.  The electrons that are freed from electron attraction by the atom splitting are heat-activated to release stored atomic energy by heat released directly by split atoms. This heat-release of stored atomic energy from heat-activation of the freed electrons is a secondary and far lesser form of atomic energy that does not increase radioactivity from atom splitting.

Release of stored atomic energy by heat-activation of electrons of negligible-attraction proton nuclei of hydrogen releases yet less stored atomic energy than by the heat- activation of electrons freed by atom splitting. However, this allows economy-improvement advantages.

This heat-activation of electrons of negligible-attraction proton nuclei of hydrogen provides free  nonradioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy that has been demonstrated and recorded for more than 150 years by the standard steam table. It is made usable by the Water Atomic Engine that is introduced by this website for Rocketjet IT Corp.

How Use Of Water-Hydrogen Atomic Energy Is Enabled

With the patented revolutionary Water Atomic Engine, use of the ultrahigh pressure is enabled by controllably high internal electrical heating of controllable injection amounts of spray-atomized water inside of thickly fortified metal walls of atomic-energy generators without external heat transfer that heat-weakens conventional boiler walls. This overcomes the prior obstacle to utilization of inherently ultrahigh atomic-energy pressure. A turbocam engine system of the Water Atomic Engine enables utilization of controllable  pressures up to 75,000 psi from approximately 2,000 degrees F.

Opposed By Energy Industry

  The Energy Industry and major supportive capital sources are obstructing capitalization for the Water Atomic Engine because the Free Energy Era it can so obviously cause will end the entire Energy Industry. It can terminate energy business opportunities for earning more than 30 trillion dollars annually from: (a) prolonging the economic life of petroleum, coal, shale and gaseous forms of fossil fuels; from (b) nuclear energy that is dangerous, expensive and nuclear-weapons supportive; from (c) now needless "green tech," such as far more expensive wind, solar, bio-fuel and air-static energy systems; from (d) all energy-support industries; and from (e) whatever other needless fuel systems can be promoted fallaciously.

It will make unlimitedly abundant free energy for the entire world without any form or type of Energy Industry.

As described later in this website, a related proprietary business of the Company will also make unlimitedly abundant freshwater desalinized from seawater available at low cost globally for unlimited industrial, agricultural and human needs. Please read further to learn more about a one-trillion-dollar business potential of the Company with use of its proprietary secret Invention Computer System (ICS) that is enabled by the Company's IT Creative Business Model.

Acknowledged By US Patent Office

Utilization of newly recognized and, therefore, newly discovered non-radioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy has been acknowledged by the US Patent Office as described in US Patent Number 7,685,973 for a Water Engine. The Engine is known preferably also as a Water Atomic Engine. It is being further developed for international patenting continuously.

In addition to ending need for all forms and type of the Energy Industry, the Water Atomic Engine is revolutionary advancement of all forms and uses of engines. It will greatly change all global economics and conditions of civilization.

It can start an energy-exit stampede with the biggest-ever economic bubble burst.

Please contact Ms. Anju Nelson, President, at email: rocketjet@att.net or call her at 407-294-6039 in Orlando, Florida, USA, for additional information.

The Company

Rocketjet IT Corp. is a new innovation type of Information Technology (IT) Company. It uses a proprietary-secret Invention Computer System (ICS) to aid and/or to enable invention, patenting and development of nearly any product or method on demand. Use of the ICS is made possible by a Company proprietary IT Creative Business Model.

The Company can be the biggest-ever global business with the biggest-ever economic package of proprietary high-need and world-changing advancements for ushering in the Free Energy Era. It is starting with primarily the ICS- aided Water Atomic Engine which will obsolete or dramatically change more than 50-trillion dollars of present investments in energy, energy uses, engines, engine uses, machinery, mining, agriculture, all forms of transportation and much more.

Also included as an initial Company product is an ICS-aided "Complete Machining Center", US Pat. No. 8,091,191. This is a new  automated manufacturing machine tool that enables simultaneously doing the work of five separate automated machines that it can replace. The five machines it can replace include computerized lathes, vertical milling machines, horizontal milling machines, rotary tables and grinders. It uses one-fifth of machinery costs, one-fifth of the floor space, one-fifth of the electrical current and one-tenth of labor time and costs for greater accuracy per machining volume of automated all-sides single machine-tool setup production without accuracy risks of multiple high-cost machine setups.

The Complete Machining Center decreases developmental and production costs sufficiently to eliminate advantages of cheap-labor outsourcing of the Water Atomic Engine and most other metal products.

Investment in Rocketjet IT Corp., as soon as it goes public in the near future, is highly advisable.  It will be the best-ever investment opportunity. Horrendous new opportunities from highly accelerated advancements of most major industries will be available in the new Free Energy Era as described further in this website and as will be explained in an SEC registration. This will be the greatest advancement of economic conditions in the history of civilization. It could have as much corporate value as Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway and General Motors combined within ten years


Principals of the Company initially are its founders, Dr. Daniel E. Nelson, PhD, JD and his CO-inventor partner wife, Anju Nelson, "the Nelsons" of Orlando, Florida, USA.

Following are brief resumes of each:

Dr. Daniel E. Nelson has been a Management and Technical consultant to approximately 100 various businesses in Japan, India and Kuwait in addition to mostly America. 

Dr. Nelson's forte in Management consulting has been human-factor analysis, selection of key personnel and indoctrinating all levels of Management. To reality-test his consulting for this, he self-studied the human-factor aspects of Psychiatry from New York University Medical School texts and background literature.

In Patent Law, he has provided Technical and Patent Services to other US Patent Lawyers. In addition to legally counseling them for effective prosecution of patents with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and teaching them how to recognize and explain invention comprehensively, he provided most of the invention for approximately 3,000 products and methods that were patented for the Patent Lawyers' clients in nearly all patent fields.

In the Rocket Development Era of the 1960s, Dr. Nelson was a Management Counselor and Contracts Manager for Aerospace Companies. Then in Rocket Science, his beginning patent field, he invented and patented a Turbine/Ram/Rocket Engine that provided at least 98 percent cost-savings and life-saving advantages by enabling winged takeoff and landing instead of blastoff rocketry. Lead Rocket Scientists at Aerojet General Corporation recommended Dr. Nelson's invention to NASA which said, "The enemy doesn't have it so we don't need it." Although incomparable to the Company's present aerospace versions of the  Water Atomic Engine, cost and safety advantages of the winged takeoff and landing instead of blastoff rocketry would have made space travel cheap and safe enough for the general public. It could have saved and still could save over 95 percent of all NASA and US Air Force rocket and space-travel costs.

To learn how industry, capital and government interests might affect major world-improvement invention to which he had dedicated his life since early youth,  Dr. Nelson also became a Director of Public Relations for influencing (manipulating) industry, government and other members of the "Capital World" for a major "financial institution" through one of its many controlled companies.

To support getting a Juris Doctor Degree in addition to graduate legal studies at  George Washington University, a PhD equivalent in Economic Management at the American War College and self studies in Washington, D.C., he worked as an International Trade Economist with very little work to do at the Foreign Agricultural Service. He then launched a career of Consulting and efforts to start world-improvement businesses.

Dr. Nelson's self studies while also getting graduate degrees and for nearly two decades since then have included most of a good university curriculum of most graduate-level Science, Engineering, Human-factor and Management fields.  He studied on his own to a conceptual and reference-use level to save time and to avoid restrictive influence of formal university education that is structured and limited to causing student support of established interests. His information sources included the best and most advanced texts of leading universities, professional journals, association literature, the US Patent Office, the Library of Congress and extensive government libraries. In addition to professional information, he learned principles, guides and applicable state of the art for evaluating and reality-testing his own inventions and innovative advancements in whatever seemed sufficiently significant to making better technologies and human-factor conditions for world improvement. Hence, a vast backlog of major-advancement innovation that is now enhanced with the aid of the proprietary secret Invention Computer System.  

Dr. Nelson's partner-wife, Anju Nelson, was raised by a prominent family in India to be a world leader with broad, kind, caring and creative motivation for ultimate good of anyone and everyone.  She is loved universally because she loves universally.  Everybody loves Anju. She is proficient in math, science and a wide variety of technical fields in addition to business and human relations. In addition to undergraduate university Business education in India, she  audited graduate university Management and Economics courses taught by Dr. Daniel Nelson.  Anju is the primary CO-inventor of the Water Atomic Engine, Pat. No. 7,685,973, a Complete Machining Center, Pat No. 8,091,191, and other inventions by the Nelsons. She writes better patents than most Patent Lawyers.  She makes particularly good business and management decisions.  She has participated constructively with Dr. Daniel Nelson in Management Consulting and in Technical and Patent Services for other Patent Lawyers.  The Nelsons have been blissfully married for 36 years.


Global licensing of the Water Atomic Engine to the Auto Industry will follow a global press-release demonstration of a rotational version of the Engine running on straight water.

For large cars, an introductory model of the Engine will get approximately 50 miles per gallon of any available freshwater or seawater that the Engine flash-distills to clean.

Future models will condense and reuse most of the same distilled water for getting up to 1,000 car miles per gallon of any available freshwater or seawater.

All rotational-power and all jet-thrust power for aerospace and marine propulsion will be provided by versions of the Water Atomic Engine.

Engines for uses outside of the Auto Industry will be produced and marketed separately by the Company and/or affiliates.

Engine weight of the rotational Water Atomic Engine with its Nelson Turbocam Drive will be approximately 10-to-20 percent of the weight per power of gasoline engines.

Use life will be approximately two-to-three times longer than for gasoline car engines and longer for commercial models.

Revenue from all non-auto uses will be multiply greater than for auto-industry licensing after establishment of production capability with income from global auto-industry licensing.

Market value of proprietary engine-use products range from 5-to-20 times the market value of the Water Atomic Engine separately.

Engine Prices

Initial price of Water Atomic Engines for rotational uses will be about the same as for fuel-consuming diesel engines at $100 per horsepower in sizes from 15-to-15,000 horsepower. This diesel-engine price per horsepower will be decreased in accordance with an intended learning curve.

There is less metal to machine than for much larger conventional engines, but there is much high-precision machining and some corrosion-resistant high-temperature material that tend to make its cost comparable to fuel-consuming diesel engines per power.

Engine Technology

The Water Atomic Engine is a proprietary ICS-aided flagship product of Rocketjet IT Corporation.  The most scientifically verifiable advancement in history, it utilizes long-known and steam-table recorded superheat-explosively exponential pressure energy per incrementally added heat energy.

This exponential pressure energy per linearly incremental heat energy would be impossible creation of energy and perpetual motion in violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics and, therefore, would not occur as it is recorded, if it were not accounted for by activative release of stored atomic energy without radioactivity. This is newly discovered non-radioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy.

It is enabled by rotational and thrust versions of the Water Atomic Engine as described in US Patent Number 7,685,973.

Previously, non-radioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy appears not to have been recognized or acknowledged by the scientific community for one or more of the following reasons:
a) Inefficiency of conventional steam-engine systems appears to have discouraged sufficient analysis of the Physics of steam technology.
b) The explosively exponential pressure of steam per incremental heat level has been considered to be detrimental and has been ardently avoided because it explodes or distorts heat-weakened boiler walls through which heat is transferred to bulk water.
c) Conventional interpretations of the First Law of Thermodynamics ridiculed and effectively discouraged consideration of greater output than input of energy of a heat reaction, except for later discovered heat release of stored atomic energy by atom splitting.
d)  Prior to invention of the Water Atomic Engine, controlled internal electrical heating of controlled amounts of spray-atomized water in duly fortified atomic-energy-generator tubes of turbocam engine structure for generation and utilization of up to 75,000 psi of newly acknowledged water-hydrogen atomic energy was not known.
e) Most significantly, manipulation by the Oil Industry has influenced universities not to acknowledge or to teach the existence or significance of exponential atomic pressure energy per heat energy of steam technology in order to protect existence of the Energy Industry from possible invention of its free-energy use. This has allowed radioactive atom-splitting atomic energy to be used as a distractive decoy for preventing awareness of nonradioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy by the scientific community for more than 100 years. As a former Director of Public Relations for influencing government , industry and the Capital World for a major financial institution that controls much of the Energy Industry, Dr. Nelson is very aware of this influence by the Oil Industry.

How Water-Hydrogen Atomic Energy Is Utilized

The newly acknowledged non-radioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy enables the Water Atomic Engine to run on straight freshwater or seawater by: (1) flash-distilling the water to clean it; (2) spray-atomizing controllably minute amounts of the distilled water; (3) heating the atomized water in electrical-resistance heat tubes with controllably 500-to-2,000-degree heat for achieving controllably 1,000-to-75,000 psi of the water-hydrogen atomic energy with current generated by 2-to-5 percent of output power of the Engine; (4) directing the pressure therefrom against alternate faces of a double-acting piston of a turbocam- engine system to achieve rotary motion; (5) condensation cooling of the minute amounts of water-hydrogen atomic energy and oxygen back to liquid-state water; and (6) reusing most of the water for closed-loop rotational versions of the Water Atomic Engine.

Aerospace and marine thrust versions of the Water Atomic Engine have open-loop thrusters with up to 12 times higher pressure of gaseous discharge and resultantly 12 times higher thrust speed of the water-hydrogen atomic energy than the exhaust speed of known rocket engines.

The US Patent, No. 7,685,973, has method claims which include utilizing the non-radioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy which is generated with the atomic-energy generators by other means.

No Uncertainties

There are no technological uncertainties. The Water Atomic Engine has been proven feasible and most of its components have been production tested in relation to prior invention of a flash-steam-injection engine by the Nelsons. That engine led to their discovery or non-radioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy and consequent invention of the Water Atomic Engine. Use of only 2-to-5 percent of engine output power to generate current for electrical-resistance heating of spray-atomized water for generating water-hydrogen atomic energy has been verified by similar heating of water for flash-injection of steam into combustion for the prior engine.  Only adaptation of prior engine development remains.

Explanation Of The Water Atomic Engine

Reference is made to a following patent drawing with named components of a rotational version of the Water Atomic Engine, also characterized as a Water Engine.  Selectively minute amounts of spray-atomized water are superheated up to variably 500-to-2,000 degrees F in electrical-resistance superheat tubes with small diameters inside of atomic-energy generators. This heat activates water-hydrogen electrons up to controllably 1,000-to-75,000 psi of increasingly exponential gas pressure of newly recognized non-radioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy per linearly incremental input-heat energy. The superheat tubes are electrically insulated inside of atomic-energy generators that are thickly fortified to contain at least 75,000 psi of the gas pressure of nonradioactive atomic energy.

This gas pressure is directed from alternate atomic-energy generators against alternately opposite-side ends of a double-acting piston in a double-action cylinder. Gas pressure from alternate atomic-energy generators causes two-way-powered reciprocation of the double-acting piston that is affixed to a central shaft. The piston reciprocation is converted to rotational output power with a proprietary turbocam drive having up to 98% mechanical efficiency for exceptionally long life of a turbocam engine system.  The double-acting piston and the central shaft also are thickly fortified to contain at least 75,000 psi.

Injection of selectively small amounts of spray-atomized water per selective heat of the superheat tubes assures that only usable levels of pressure of water-hydrogen atomic energy are generated to reciprocate the double-acting piston for selective output power.

The small amounts of spray-atomized water needed per engine output power allow cooling of the gaseous water-hydrogen atomic energy and water oxygen for condensation back to liquid water for mostly reuse as fuel in a closed-loop cycle continuously.

Rotational leverage length of the turbocam system is designably 8-to-12 times longer than the leverage length of IC engines per piston-surface area.  There are designably 24-to-40 power strokes per revolution of an engine drive shaft.  This is as many power strokes as for 96-to-160 pistons of  crankshaft engines.  Mean-effective pressure is widely variable from 500-to-5,000 psi in comparison to only 100-to-125 minimally variable psi of IC engines.

High Power Per Weight And Small Size

Due to these engine characteristics, the Water Atomic Engine is very powerful but  heavy per small size. With thick and closely spaced high-tensile and noncorrosive metals, it will have designably 2-to-20 horsepower per pound of engine instead of only 2-to-20 pounds of engine per horsepower of IC or turbine engines. Also, instead of having only 1-to-5 feet-pounds of rotational torque per horsepower of IC  or turbine engines, it can have designably 25-to-75 feet-pounds of rotational torque per horsepower.

Long Use Life

Long use life results from (a) absence of side-pressure friction of double-acting pistons, (b) high mechanical efficiency up to to 98% from idealized drive angles of an undulating drive groove of a turbocam drive and (c) absence of combustion heat.

Jet-Propulsion Versions

Jet-propulsion versions of the Water Atomic Engine expel ultrahigh-pressure gaseous non-radioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy from thrusters in an open-loop cycle. Without any need for air or other oxidizer, thrust pressure and resultant velocity of the gaseous water-hydrogen atomic energy can be up to 75,000 psi.  This is approximately 12 times higher than the highest conventional rocket-engine velocity-resultant pressure that is slightly more than 6,000 psi. The 6,000+ psi provides sufficient thrust-gas velocity for the conventional rockets to achieve Earth-escape speed. Thrust-gas velocity of aerospace-thrust versions of the Water Atomic Engine, therefore, is far greater than needed for Earth-escape speed of Rocketjet Corporation planes that will fly in and out of deep space with only free water for fuel.

The jet-propulsion versions use ultra-light rotational versions of the Water Atomic Engine with closed-loop cycles to generate electrical heat and to supply spray-atomized water for conversion to thrust-gas pressure of the gaseous water-hydrogen atomic energy for the jet-propulsion versions.  Marine jet-propulsion versions increase moisture density of the water-hydrogen atomic energy for increased mass flow at lower speeds of planing and/or hydro-winged boats, yachts and large ships with speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

Mathematical Representation Of Atomic Heat-Reaction Physics

Steam pressure recorded in standard engineering steam tables at 300 degrees F is 67 psi. At 705 degrees F, the top of the steam table, pressure multiplies 47.88 times the 300-degrees F level to 3,208 psi (67X47.88=3,208) with only 2.35 times (2.35X300=705) more heat. Above the steam table at a workable heat of 1,600 degrees F for the Water Atomic Engine, pressure is known from US Government developments and from projection of increase rates per heat level to be approximately 60,000 psi.  This is 895.53 times (895.53X67=60,000) more pressure energy from only 5.33 times (5.33X300=1,600) more heat than at 300 degrees F with 67 psi.  Increase of pressure energy per increase of heat energy, therefore, is increasingly exponential up to at least 168.02 times (895.53/5.33=168.02) the uniformly incremental increase of heat energy within a heat range of 1,300 degrees F (1,600-300=1,300).

This is incontrovertible proof of more energy produced than added to a heat reaction as is possible only by heat release of stored atomic energy.

In compliance with the First Law of Thermodynamics against creation of energy that would result in perpetual motion, the only possible physical cause of this long-observed and recorded phenomenon is nonradioactive heat-release of stored atomic energy by cyclically reoccurrable heat-activation of the singular electrons of the transitional element, hydrogen, with negligible electron attraction by its proton nuclei and by reoccurrably condensational reconstitution to a liquid state of the singular electrons of proton nuclear hydrogen atoms with oxygen atoms of water. 

The proton nucleus of the transitional element, hydrogen, has such negligible attraction of its singular electron that the negligible electron attraction is relatively comparable to total absence of electron attraction from atom splitting. The far greater heat from atom splitting provides far greater expansion pressure from heat activation of totally freed electrons of nuclear energy. Although negligible, the electron attraction by proton nuclei of hydrogen deters expansion pressure relatively to heat expansion pressure of totally freed electrons with the higher heat from atom splitting. Reoccurrable nonradioactive heat-release of stored atomic energy provides far greater usable pressure than from any known chemical combustion, but far less than high-heat and radioactively unusable pressure of conventional nuclear energy.

The increasingly exponential pressure per unit of heat provides increasingly greater generation of pressure power per heat above a minimum self-sustainable level for a Water Atomic Engine. A Water Atomic Engine powered by steam pressure generated at 650 degrees F with 2,208 psi would have at least sufficient output power to generate current and provide spray-atomization power to keep it running. At increased temperatures, the same engine or a larger engine would have increasingly greater pressure per heat level for providing output power than required for generation of sustaining current and atomization injection of water for a Water Atomic Engine.  At 1,600 degrees F, pressure generated would be approximately 150 times greater than required to generate current for operating the Water Atomic Engine system.  This greater pressure can be utilized for discretionary output power of one or more Water Atomic Engines or for reactionary propulsion versions of the Water Atomic Engine as described in US Patent Number 7,685,973. 

Typically, an open-loop version of a Water Atomic Engine operating at 1,200 degrees F would utilize approximately three percent of its output power for generating electrical current and for spray-pressurizing water to operate the Engine. Approximately 51 percent of the output power would be utilizable as net power after accounting for approximately 20 percent for reciprocative friction, 20 percent for pressure overrun, four percent for rotational friction of an idealized cam drive and two percent for sealing friction.  This 51% also approximates efficiency of utilization of water as water-hydrogen atomic energy for fuel.

A big car with the open-loop version of the Water Atomic Engine will get about 50 mpg of freshwater or seawater that the engine flash distills automatically to clean and prevents from freezing.  A big car with a closed-loop version will get 500-to-1,000 mpg of freshwater or seawater but a condensation and recycle feature will cost more.

Empirical data would be required for more detailed quantitative analysis of particular Water Atomic Engines.

Because the heat-reactive release of water-hydrogen atomic energy is reoccurrable after reconstitution and condensation of water utilized, the energy generated could be characterized as being a chemical reaction.  But because of the increasingly greater output per input of energy of a heat reaction demonstrated, it must be regarded as an atomic reaction of reoccurrably and repeatedly releasing stored atomic energy in compliance with the impossibility of creating energy as proclaimed by the First Law of Thermodynamics. Otherwise, this would be a physical exception to the impossibility of creating energy.

There is no chemical reaction or means other than heat reaction of the Atomic Physics of proton-nuclear hydrogen of water for achieving the increasingly exponential pressure energy per heat energy. Chemical power being basically Physical, this characterization may be a semantics distinction of newly acknowledged and, therefore, newly discovered creation of energy as acknowledged by the USPTO for granting of a patent.

Free Power Of The Universe Mechanized

The increasingly exponential nonradioactive atomic pressure energy per heat energy of proton-nuclear hydrogen, as demonstrated by the standard steam table and its pressure-per heat extensions, makes hydrogen's 90 percent of material volume of the universe the predominant power of the universe. Water which hosts hydrogen, therefore, is not only a major component and support of life forms, it is also a major factor of energy of the universe. Whether occurring separately or molecularly as water, proton-nuclear hydrogen's negligible attraction of its singular electrons per heat level provides universally free atomic energy that ranges from minute to ultra explosive as naturally applicable throughout the universe. Theoretically, this free atomic energy could  be the major source of energy for astronomically recurrent black-hole formation or other astronomical formation of all elements, particles, astronomical bodies and eventually life in the universe.  

The Water Atomic Engine mechanizes the free nonradioactive atomic power of the universe. It bypasses sun-derivative forms of energy, which are secondarily natural and far less efficient applications of this free nonradioactive atomic energy of the universe.

This is the long-awaited and hoped-for use of scientifically known power of hydrogen of water for providing power for civilization. The Water Atomic Engine finally ends cause for discouragement and growing disbelief in hopes for water being an economical fuel that has resulted from failure of long and ardent efforts by Scientists, by the US Government and by water-engine inventors for its accomplishment by dissociation of hydrogen from oxygen of water and then re-oxdizing the hydrogen for combustion output power. 

Energy Fallacies

In comparison to the Water Atomic Engine that runs on straight water, all other energy options are invalidly fallacious.  Smart-grid supply of electricity from wind farms, solar-energy plants, hydroelectric generation, air-static and other generator means will be at least five times more expensive. Nuclear energy is approximately twenty times as expensive in addition to endangering Our Planet and justifying nuclear buildup for weapons. Gaseous fuel from any source is a clean waste. Petroleum, coal, shale, geothermal and biofuel are too far down the cost-effectiveness scale for realistic comparison.

For more than 100 years, the Oil Industry, on behalf of the entire Energy Industry, has kept nonradioactive water-hydrogen atomic energy unknown in order to prevent Steam Engineers, the Scientific Community, governments and inventive public unaware of the free and eco-supportive energy it could provide. This has been achieved by manipulating unawareness of water-hydrogen atomic energy while popularizing use of atom-splitting radioactive atomic energy as a distractive decoy.

In addition to making eco-negative  and expensive energy necessary, the Energy Industry has also kept oil prices maximally high deceptively. In 1975 when there were lines at gas pumps from an OPEC oil embargo, Dr. Nelson explained to the top management of Shell Oil Company in Houston his inventions of a way to drill oil for less than one percent of the time and cost of conventional rotary, mud-cycling well drilling and a 90 percent recovery system instead of the convention 10 percent recovery of oil. Drilling was with a rotary-jackhammer method with continuous casing, cable chip removal and  other enabling features.The responsible leadership of Shell then told Dr. Nelson, "We won't let it out, and if we won't, none of the others (major Oil companies) will because we stick together.  It would make oil as abundant as water and we couldn't make a profit on it."

Then as continuously now, the major oil companies were taking advantage of the oil embargo and the inherently high cost of conventional petroleum production to create  artificial energy scarcity. The Energy Industry, like most other industries and professions, influences and variously manipulates university education to prevent disruptive innovation.

As a professional Public Relations Director for manipulative influence of government, industry and the Capital World, and being familiar with the Energy Industry, Dr. Nelson, has analyzed this manipulation far more thoroughly than possible for most  public observers. 

Additional Company Technologies

  Rocketjet IT Corporation will achieve exceptionally rapid business expansion by primarily, but not exclusively, starting new technological and business advancements instead of by acquiring existing businesses. This can be achieved with the Company's Creative Education of its conditional lifetime employees and by its IT Creative Business Model as explained briefly in this website.

This is not possible with conventional education and conventional business systems for which education is structured.Professional university engineering, science and some human-factor education intentionally prevent innovative capacity, motivation and knowledge that could disrupt established industries and professions. The purpose of this is twofold; one is to protect established interests from unwanted change by university students and two is for providing education of students for immediate entry-level employment by conventional businesses. This is prevalent throughout the global economy. 

One way this curtailment and limitation of innovation is accomplished is by defining invention and innovation as "problem solving."  This gives industries, executives, educators and manipulated governments the opportunity to describe the objectives and also the methods of achieving innovation as being what supports instead of what disrupts established business and profit methods. 

Another fundamental of preventing disruptive innovation is by authority-restricted learning. The level of industry-influenced learning increases with increase of formal education level. Doctorate-level learning, for instance, is mainly a process of justifying any advanced learning by agreement with recognized authorities that support established interests.

Industrial productivity that could be improved without manipulative curtailment of innovation includes most essentials of modern civilization. But for following authorities of Petroleum Engineering for instance, petroleum could now be produced profitably at $10 a barrel and refined for one-third of present costs in small volumes that would end the large-volume bottleneck costs of major oil companies. Foreign petroleum producers are encouraged by domestic petroleum companies to keep their prices high to support exorbitant domestic gross volume and resultant profit level. Present "peak oil" is a fabrication of the Energy Industry to achieve controlled energy scarcity.

Cost of space travel is approximately 1,000 times higher than what it could be with takeoff instead of blastoff rocketry as was revealed to NASA and the US Air Force by Dr. Nelson and lead Rocket Scientists in the early 1960s.  Dr. Nelson's patented invention of a Turbine/Ram/Rocket Engine to achieve this, although far inferior to  thrust versions of the Water Atomic Engine, was rejected by NASA to protect profits of the Aerospace Industry with the deceptive illogic that, "The Enemy doesn't have it, so we don't need it." This still the guiding policy of NASA by the US Air Force.

Currently, more than thirty-trillion dollars of energy-related costs could be saved by use of the Water Atomic Engine, US Patent Number 7,685,973, that is being ruthlessly opposed by the Energy Industry and major supportive capital sources.

Likewise, but in different ways, agricultural costs of nutritious, disease-prevention foods could be at least one-third of present costs for unhealthy food that are the main cause of about 80 percent of the stifling medical, drug and hospital industries which comprise a large part of US Government costs, as well as individual costs.

The list of costs that are preventable by appropriate innovation includes most of the costs of civilization.


Rocketjet IT Corporation's vast ICS-aided backlog of proprietary advancements enabled by the IT Creative Business Model and the Company's Creative Education includes products and methods related to and not related to the Water Atomic Engine in nearly all major industries. For instance, market value of the Company's vehicles, machinery, tools and other products that use the Engine as "engine-use systems" ranges from five-to-twenty times the market value of the Engine separately.  Total annual market value of the Engine, the engine-use systems and the products and methods not related to the Engine is in excess of $1 trillion.
Patent laws of nearly all nations prevent descriptive disclosure of invention and require filing patent applications immediately after invention in order to obtain patent rights.  Export laws of most nations prohibit export of their citizens' unpatented inventive information that is deemed to be militarily or economically important without an export license.  In compliance with applicable laws, therefore, instead of either describing innovations, disclosing innovative status or exporting unlicensed innovative information, Company divisions and/or subsidiaries for doing business within areas of proprietary advancements are listed as follows to portray extent and nature of the Company's proprietary business.

Rocketjet Engine Company will produce, sell and provide all units of Rocketjet, Inc. with all needed types and sizes of Water Atomic Engines.  This unit of Rocketjet IT Corporation can achieve a relative order of magnitude (ROM) estimate of $200 billion in gross sales annually within five years. Global impact can be elimination of the entire Energy Industry, including all oil, gas, coal, uranium and all forms of "green tech" energy and their support industries.  Gas stations, pipe lines, tank cars, tank ships, ocean ports, coal mines, coal railroads and all related support businesses will cease to exist. Total economic impact will be a "big bang" bubble-burst loss of at least $30 trillion.  The Engine Industry will survive and expand in different forms with licensing and outsource production of the Water Atomic Engine. Reasonable advice is to get out of anything energy before an energy-exist stampede starts and it's too late to save anything that is energy related.

Rocketjet Auto Company will make and sell proprietary or partly proprietary cars, trucks, buses and motor homes that are smoother riding, safer, longer lasting, more lastingly styled and use the Water Atomic Engine. Additionally, automotive-vehicle versions of the Water Atomic Engine will be licensed globally to the Auto Industry to hasten decrease of smog and manmade global warming. This will also provide royalty income for capitalizing Company business expansion.  The Company's auto unit can have an estimated ROM of $300 billion in annual sales, including license royalties, within five years.  The conventional Auto Industry also will thrive with licensed use of the Water Atomic Engine.

Rocketjet Water Company will provide global abundance of freshwater with low-cost desalination of seawater and pumping it to all habitable, industrial and agricultural areas, including world deserts and high hinterland plateaus.  The water unit of the company can have  estimated global gross sales in excess of $50 billion within five years. 

Rocketjet Utilities Company will produce utility units that provide free heating, more desirable free air conditioning, free water purification and free electricity for homes, businesses and buildings. This will replace a large portion of the electrical power and water Industry.  This can be one of the largest units of the Company but with slightly slower growth initially while architects, builders and customers adjust building factors and become familiar with the utility units.  ROM gross sales in five years can be $200 billion.

Rocketjet Manufacturing Company will produce and utilize a Complete Machining Center, US Patent Number 8,091,191, and related machine tools for faster, more accurate and less expensive product development and automated metal machining. It will eliminate approximately 80 percent of production labor, machinery and production-building costs. Gross sales of the automation unit can be $8 billion within five years while machine shops and OEM producers learn to replace all other machine tools, except a few machining peripherals, with this one machine tool. This division will also produce a conglomeration of proprietary and nonproprietary machines, tools, compressors, pumps, generators, vehicles and other items.

Rocketjet Marine Company will produce and/or license production of jet-propelled, flat-bottomed and/or hydro-winged boats, yachts, ships, barges, aircraft carriers, and huge military landing craft capable of approximately 100 miles per hour, in addition to producing and/or licensing production of highly improved displacement-hull marine vessels, all with flotation water for fuel with appropriate versions of the Water Atomic Engine. Gross sales of the marine unit can be $20 billion within five years, including license royalties and partnerships with existing marine vehicle companies.

Rocketjet Oil Company will provide less than one-percent of oil-drilling time and costs, full recovery of all flowable oil from any oil-existent depth and full recovery of all "old oil" that is non-recoverable with conventional recovery technologies. There is approximately 1,000 times more known and now recoverable old oil than all oil that has been recovered to date globally. At least 10,000 times as much oil as has been recovered to date exists globally.  All of it can now be made available inexpensively with Rocketjet, Inc.'s planned proprietary petroleum technology. It will be used for inexpensive chemical stock for plastics, building materials, road surfacing and other non-energy needs.  $10 billion of annual sales within five years is the ROM estimate for the Company's oil unit.

Rocketjet Chemical Company will provide low-cost refining of petroleum and low-cost processing of natural gas for low-cost production of chemical products from the high abundance of raw petroleum stock made available by Rocketjet Oil Company.  ROM for the chemical unit is approximately equal to the oil unit at $10 billion annually within five years.

Rocketjet Mining Company will provide automated underground mining and highly efficient surface mining for creating high global abundances of all metals and stones. ROM sales volume for the mining unit in five years is $5 billion

Rocketjet Mineral Exploration Company will provide grid exploration of desired portions of the world, including much ocean bottom that can now be mined with proprietary technology of Rocketjet Corporation for complete global analysis of mineral existence. This is an adjunct to Rocketjet Mining Company. ROM annual sales volume for the exploration unit in five years is $2 billion

Rocketjet Metals Company will provide low-cost electrical processing and smelting of ores for low-cost production of metals. ROM annual sales volume for the metal unit in five years is $5 billion

Rocketjet Aerospace Company will produce and/or license production of proprietary commercial and private planes that fly in and out of space on free water for fuel with propulsion versions of the Water Atomic Engine. ROM annual sales volume for the aerospace unit in five years is $20 billion.

Rocketjet Train Company will produce and/or license production of desirably fast and inexpensive trains and subways. ROM annual sales potential for the train unit in five years is $5 billion. 

Rocketjet Agricultural Company will provide advanced farming methods, machinery, and nutritious foods that improve health and help to eliminate most present healthcare, medical and drug costs. ROM annual sales  for the agricultural unit in five years is $5 billion. Economic impact can be eventual elimination of approximately 75 percent of the Medical Profession, the Hospital Industry, the Drug industry and about ten percent of the Insurance Industry.

Rocketjet University will provide creative education publicly and for all employees and their families continuously from early youth to death. ROM annual sales volume for the university unit in five years is $1 billion

Rocketjet Healthcare System will provide total healthcare, rotational employment and management, food, lifestyle, and living facilities for maximizing personal fulfillment, creativity, productivity and longevity for all of the Company's lifetime employees and their families. ROM annual sales volume for the healthcare unit in five years is $1 billion.

Total Five-Year ROM Sales Volume

This is a total ROM annual sales potential of approximately one- trillion dollars in five years. Of course, this is not realistically achievable for competitive business and economic reasons.  But it is a realistic estimate of potential economic value.


The new innovation type of Information Technology (IT) business of Rocketjet IT Corporation will improve and advance the nature of capitalistic enterprise.  It can start creative motivation in place of adversarial motivation for business objectives. "Abundance Economics" with uncontrolled abundances will replace "Scarcity Economics" with controlled scarcities for support of business profit. Absentee corporate ownership will hire management to maximize profit from shared wealth and increasingly maximized living standards of employees, customers and the general public instead of by creating adversarial wealth-difference power structures. Government legislation and administration may be less manipulated by adversarial wealth and power units. Economic inflation from creating controlled scarcities to facilitate public control can cease. Information technology may no longer be used as a means of public manipulation and control.  Free enterprise may no longer include freedom to plunder and manipulate the public to benefit adversarial power structures.

With these advancements of capitalistic enterprise, the Human Race can advance and prosper more rapidly, reliably and peacefully. Our ecosystem can be improved instead of plundered destructively, regardless of whether or not we find ways to expand into the universe.

The Creative Business Model of Rocketjet IT Corporation can provide much higher profit and ROI from immensely higher productivity of employees and an increasingly enlightened general public in creatively abundant economic conditions than in adversarial power-structure-suppressed conditions.

Industry Cultural Centers

The thousands-of-times ROI for investors will be enabled by the IT Creative Business Model at luxuriously advanced industry cultural centers in desirable parts of the world that can be sparsely populated.  People won't need to drive to work or anywhere for most of their needs. They will have the Company's vertical-lift atmospheric and trans-atmospheric planes for fast and low-cost flight to anywhere in the world.  This will alleviate greatly increased traffic on roads, on oceans and in the air resulting from free-energy transportation of the Free Energy Era.

The world's increasingly highest living standards will be provided for conditionally lifetime employees and their families at the industry cultural centers. Providing the increasingly highest living standards will be part of Company employment. In addition to the high living standards, comradery and human fulfillment will be increasingly more desirable than otherwise achievable.

Investors may find the industry cultural centers to be so desirable and better than otherwise available that they like to stay there, at least part of their lives, and even be employees as well as investors for full-time residence.

Conditionally lifetime employees will be part owners of the Company and can invest for increased ownership.

Use of the Company's proprietary Invention Computer System (ICS) that has enabled the Water Atomic Engine and the initial backlog of Company proprietary advancements will be taught to employees. This requires multiple-field, concept-level and reference-use creative education which increases creativity exponentially per plurality and differences of learning fields. Depth and thoroughness of specialized research and education also will increase and provide effective information for creative education. This also facilitates multiple development, manufacturing and marketing capabilities that are well suited for the industry cultural centers.

Ultrahigh creativity of employees will result in proprietary innovation of multiple goods, services and businesses that are highly competitive and profitable for the Company. The innovation may be commercialized selectively by other industry cultural centers selectively or possibly sold or licensed.

The IT Creative Business Model will undertake inventing, developing and commercializing goods and services which Company management and employees deem to be objectively and progressively most beneficial to Company employees and their families, to progress of civilization and to utilization of the universal ecosystem.  Fantasy, deception, mental inaccuracy, untruth, illogic and antisocialness will be avoided to foster positive and accurate innovation and cooperative Company activity.

Factual instead of a conventionally emotional consumer marketing will be employed. This will be so competitive that other companies will tend to use the same methods to survive competitively.  This will improve global economics immensely.

High Quality Marketing Centers

Super marketing centers of high quality food, advanced company products and the best of all possible other products will be provided by the Company.  The public will come to know that the Company produces and markets the best of everything for improving civilization and the lives of people.

Natural Economic Demand

The Creative Business Model is a natural development of economic demand. It will be widely appreciated by the general public because it benefits them so obviously and so extensively.

It is peaceful change to preempt any revolutionary or unpeaceful change that could occur from perpetuation of present national and global conditions.

The Creative Way

An increasingly superior civilization can be achieved with what the Nelsons term "The Creative Way."  It is a philosophy on which Rocketjet IT Corporation's IT Creative Business Model is based. Comprehensive explanation of The Creative Way is too voluminous for this website.

Basically, however, The Creative Way improves technological and human factors without allowing hindrance of knowledge and opportunity for protection of established interests. It seeks logically scientific and human-factor advancement without restraint. It avoids any and all authoritatively erroneous or otherwise mistaken technological and human-factor limitations of advancement for the increasingly superior civilization.

For example, to invent the Water Atomic Engine, the increasingly exponential increase of pressure per heat of water was acknowledged as activative release of stored atomic energy and utilized instead being denied authoritatively to protect the Energy Industry.

The Free Energy Era enabled by the Water Atomic Engine allows an abundance economy that ends need for survival competition by the Human Species. Far more creatively productive and desirable intra-species supportive civilization can now replace adversarial civilization that is legalized  slavery "to the extent that the public will bear".

The Creative Way is entirely different from the "Capital World's" prevention of disruptive-advancement technology and businesses. A wide selection of methods of obstructing competitively disruptive advancement technology and businesses that could make the world much better are utilized by the Capital World. These adverse objectives are achieved primarily through business "angels" and venture (vulture) capitalists like Mitt Romney. The business angels and venture capitalists are obligated to direction by the Capital World for capital they get from its financial institutions for financing only established-industry-supportive companies and entrepreneurs and for opposing all competitively disruptive advancement.

Business angels and venture capitalists are utilized by the Capital World to influence any and all known independent individuals and organizations with investment-available money to relinquish control of their financial resources to the business angels and venture capitalists. This obligates the independent individuals and organizations to control of their investment-available money by the Capital World. This leaves independent inventors and other sources of advantageously disruptive advancement with a dearth of capital sources, unless they "go public".

Incidentally, much of Mitt Romney's initial family wealth was obtained deceitfully from Dr. Nelson's father in relation to an agricultural patent during The Great Depression of the 1930s. Romney family wealth was increased further by the Mormon Church with its de facto control of American Motors by making his lead-Mormon father its president. That resulted in Mitt's privileged childhood and startup wealth.  The Mormon Church and companies that are de facto controlled by the Mormon Church have been lead sources of capital for Romney's venture-capital business and for PAC support of his presidential campaign.

Dr. Nelson became a Director of Public Relations for influencing government, industry and the Capital World for the Mormon Church through one of its many de facto-controlled companies.  His purpose for doing this kind of work was to learn how industry, government and financial institutions might affect his dedicated objectives of world-improvement inventions and business. His responsibility was to aid achievement of the Church's national and global wealth-and-power agenda. That was earlier in life before Dr. Nelson left the Mormon Church to join humanity. Independently since early youth, he had dedicated his life to improving civilization for everyone.

The Capital World

The Capital World is a culturally and financially controlled organization consisting of major capital institutions, industries, universities, religions and wannabes. "We are one big General Motors. We compete at the market place, but we are one in protecting our power and authority", its leaders often repeated to each other like an indoctrination catechism or testimony. 

According to leaders and knowledgeable members of The Capital World, there is no such thing as natural cause of any significant political, legal or societal occurrence. Everything significant is manipulated by The Capital World. The general public is about as knowledgeable and effective as a horse in a corral in directing significant legal and societal affairs.

According to professional Economists, nothing significant is or can be manipulated. But, professional Economists are kept out of the information loop of manipulation.  Economists are hired to assess effectiveness of manipulation and communicate it palatably to the general public. Any Economist or other opinion-forming public is quickly and effectively neutralized if they blow the whistle on the manipulation.

Little pieces of relatively insignificance legal, economic and societal matters are popularized through media controlled by The Capital World to distract public  attention and awareness from The Capital World's  manipulative direction of economic, legal and societal conditions.

In effect, The Capital World confines the general public to a relative  economic prison to the extent that the public will bear within rules of laws that The Capital World manipulates for its own protection by disguise of protecting the general public and the unfortunate.

Control by the Capital World is never complete or people would turn on the guns behind them instead of the guns in front of them as the leaders say to each other, with reference to the Revolution in Russia. To The Capital World, the general public is the enemy. We never let the public know the intent nor the effects of our legislative objectives.  We always control through the enemy in ways that cause the general public to think that what we are doing is coming from them, leaders of The Capital World prescribe and practice ardently.

Minor wins by the general public are allowed and popularized by controlled media to an extent necessary to deceive the general public into unawareness of general direction by The Capital World.

In the US, our two-party political system is used for manipulating misconceptions of public good.  Objectives of The Capital World which are most adverse to the general public are often achieved through the Democratic Party because it is regarded as being more fair to the General Public. Politicians in both parties being as bribable as they often are, Democratic legislators have often supported legislation they knew to be detrimental to the general public and to their own constituents, if The Capital World deceives the general public sufficiently with publicized "motherhood and God" misguidance for the legislators to be assured that their constituents will not be aware of their detrimental legislative voting.

A good example of this public deception is the doubling of consumer interest rates by the motherhood-and-God misguidance of the "Truth In Lending" law.  That law told the truth about how much interest was being charged but hid the fact that it was twice as much as consumers were paying previously.  This was achieved by averaging one, two and three percent per previous  loan amount in order to raise the rate to two percent instead of one percent that 95 percent of borrowers had been paying.  This had been known as "averaging" and was strongly opposed by the Democratic Party until The Capital World gave it the deceptively motherhood-and-god characterization of Truth in Lending.  Democratic legislators could then vote for it without their constituents knowing what they had done.

The deception of Truth In Lending was used also for increasing real estate loan rates to an irresistible-profit level. This caused the bad loans for irresponsible real estate financing of the present recession.

The Savings & Loan Industry was put out of business by Capital World manipulation of government banking and financial officials and agencies in order to allow and to encourage illegal and unsound loans and the suing the S&L's out of business for their illegality. This was media popularized as The Savings & Loan Fiasco.  Its purpose was twofold. First, was to get the 40 percent of consumer finance business that the S&L's had for more profitable Banking and Finance interests.  Second was to get the S&L's out of the way for the Banking and Finance interests to profit maximally from planned doubling of interest rates  deceptively under the Truth In lending Law.  The general public was typically as aware and effective as horse in a corral about these major occurrences that are now the primary cause of the present recession.

Before leaving this manipulative profession after learning how The Capital World, government and industry might affect his dedication to world improvement, Dr. Nelson was a major factor in instigating the Savings & Loan Fiasco and in the doubling of interest rates under the guise of Truth in Lending for the Mormon Church's Banking and Finance interests. This also became a major combination project of The Capital World.

A personal example of legislator disloyalty to the general public is my namesake Senator, Bill Nelson of Florida. He continued to support the high rocket costs of NASA and the US Air Force after I had revealed the facts to him about the Nelson Turbine/ram/rocket Engine, as stated partly in this website. NASA bribed him with a space trip when they learned about my communication with him and my advice that he check out my technology with independent Scientists and Engineers. NASA and the US Air Force did not want independent Scientists and Engineers nor then Representative Bill Nelson, a legislative Chairman of a House Aerospace Committee, to know how they had deceived the American public by enabling billions-of-dollars of income annually for The Capital World from costs for unnecessary and dangerous  blast-off space travel. The now Senator Bill Nelson has been notified about the present much better aerospace version of the Water Atomic Engine, but continues to misrepresent the interests of the American People.  He is very adept at doing as little as possible to keep his political position.

When people feel they are in an economic prison, it is a realistic economic condition of most of the general public.

If America now gives a political blank check to the Republicans, more especially with the aid of the rich-manipulated Tea Party, The Capital World will build the tightest economic prison for the general public in modern history.  Mitt Romney is champing at the bit to be its Chief Advocate as President. He would support this economic prison for achieving a global wealth-structure control agenda of the Mormon Church, which is a leading member of The Capital World. We should give Obama more time and a both-legislature majority to overcome the repressive mess that the Republican Party has allowed The Capital World to cause in its manipulative efforts to build its tight economic prison for the general public.  America should be aware of this deceptive political skirmish by The Capital World and prevent it from ever being achieved. We should use our intelligence's instead of allowing ourselves to be controlled like a horse in a corral.

(C) 2012, By Anju Nelson and Daniel Nelson

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